BRef et scIntIllant (odyssée, CaNdY CRane, B&S, TRansIt, Idoles)


The body of work Bref et scintillant throws the viewer into a carnival atmosphere. Everything suggests game and celebrations: a mechanical horse riding towards the infinite on top of a sparkling and multicoloured structure, a candy machine filled with jelly candies shaped like Québec artists artworks, two carousel horses from which gushes out a golden ribbon cascade. Nevertheless, there is a price to pay… The fake banking machine reminds us that this bonanza of spangles and sweets is not free. The three ‘’idols “, piles of jelly candies placed on a white cube, also recall the price to pay for changing an object into an artwork: a smeared plinth, a bell jar in order to protect the precious content, and a light to magnify it. As a result, there is no way to enjoy art without standing on ceremony: it is now beyond our reach. In this way, the work of Pierre&Marie is all about semantics ambiguity. It allows the viewer to have a playful and pleasant relationship with art (he can really activate the mechanical horse or buy a ‘’jelly candy artwork “). On the other hand, the viewer has to think about the way he can or has to ‘’consume “it.

—Anne-Sophie Blanchet, curator.

Materials: merry-go-round, plexiglass, vinyl sticker kaleidoscope, wood, fan, sparkling ribbon.
Dimensions: 170 x 245 x 440cm

Candy Crane
Materials: Candy Crane machine, digital prints, plastic caps, molded candy representing the works of the following artists: BGL, Valérie Blass, Cooke-Sasseville, Patrick Bérubé, Jean-Robert Drouillard and Adad Hannah.
Dimensions: 182cm x 122cm x 245cm

Bref et scintillant
Materials: Carousel horses, sparkling curtain, aerosol paint, wood and plywood.
Dimensions: 42″ x 42″ x 90″

Materials: Digital printing on vinyl, wood, anchors, keys.
Dimensions: 16 “x 16″ x 60″

Materials: molded candy in ” Adult toy ” -BGL, ” Man-worry ” -Valerie Blass and in ” The golden cupcake ” -Cooke Sasseville, toothpick, Plexiglass, neon.
Dimensions: 118cm x 50cm x 122cm

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