‘’The work positions itself not only as a collage, but above all as a quotation of Pierre&Marie’s work. The various elements, which are reproduced and not taken as it is, lie on a desolate landscape. The combination of those elements and their new arrangement is more than a mere reorganization of their previous works. It gives new meaning to this iconography. The bright and playful colours of the reused elements contrast with the scenery on which they are placed, and with the animal’s death. The colourful elements thus appear as the only survivors of the disaster that have just occurred or as elements that rise from the ashes of the catastrophe. Are those playful elements the scene survivors? On the contrary, does the passage of time allow for beauty to arise? It would then be a life cycle in which beautiful and ugly, good and bad alternate, rather than a collapsed world where beauty and innocence always prevail. “
—Catherine Barnabé, curator

Materials: sturnus vulgaris (starlings), wood, polyurethane foam, fishing accessories, mirror, paint, sparkling powder, wax, balloon, helium, string.

Dimensions : 150 x 240 x 150cm

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