Bref et scintillant / Odyssée / Candy Crane / Transit / Idoles

Materials: Odyssey: merry-go-round, plexiglass, kaleidoscope sticker vinyl, wood, fan, glitter ribbon / Candy Crane: Candy Crane machine, digital prints, plastic capsules, candies / Brief and Sparkly: Carousel horses, glitter curtain, spray paint, wood and plywood / Transit: Digital printing on vinyl, wood, anchors, keys / Idols: molded sweets (reproduction of "Adult Toy" by BGL, "The Caregiver" by Valérie Blass and "The Golden Cupcake " by Cooke-Sasseville), toothpicks, varnish, base, plexiglass, neon.

Dimensions: Odyssée: 170 x 245 x 440cm / Candy Crane: 182 x 122 x 245cm / Bref et scintillant: 42po x 42po x 90po / Transit: 16po x 16po x 60po / Idoles: 118cm x 50cm x 122cm

Photography by Christian Baron, Myriam Lavoie and Pierre & Marie