Pierre Brassard and Marie-Pier Lebeau are self-taught artists living and working in Quebec City. Since 2008, they have been forming the artist duo Pierre&Marie. Their works have been shown in many artist-run centres in Québec and in a private gallery (Art Mûr). Their work has also been seen in many events: Foire en art actuel de Québec, Manif d’art 6, Satellite exhibit (Québec), Biennale internationale du lin (Québec and Northern Ireland). Their artworks have also been mentioned and analyzed in some specialized magazines. Pierre&Marie’s works will also be part of Manif d’art 8 (Québec, MNBAQ). They are supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and by Première Ovation. Their works are included in the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec collection and in private collections. Since 2009, they are active members of the Acapulco collective.


Pierre&Marie’s practice is characterized by the permeability of disciplines and spanned by the presence of pop culture objects. The narrative practice is punctuated by references to childhood memories and reflects the foundations of modern society, which are built around ephemeral and unachievable ideals. Remains, marvellousness, device, chaos, beauty and disenchantment are our central concerns. Our work is built around links between humans and objects, which are characterized by abusive use of goods, the quest for an ideal or the search for meaning. Pierre&Marie highlights the inherent violence generated by the dogmas of our society of the spectacle, which is obsessed with both entertainment and security. We take pleasure in finding the weaknesses of this system, which cultivates beauty and dazzling. The work of Pierre&Marie is all about this “almost perfect “.

Influenced by everyday reality and by the pessimistic news feed, we are seeking for some light, under the mass of bad news from all around the world. We are sensitive to what connects us with the universal and we create works which relate to the idea of still life, coupled with a narration inspired by tales and poetry. Through attractive but disturbing installations, photographs and sculptures, we create poetic micro-stories featuring small animals, party remains, industrial objects and war games. The caustic tone and the tension generated by those works throw the viewer into a dialectic relationship between contemplation, aesthetic pleasure, and brutal awareness about today’s society.


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